Fantastic Pt. Reyes Photography Workshop

Our photography group explored the far corners of Pt. Reyes, Tomales Bay, and Inverness, CA. during the Pt. Reyes workshop that just concluded. I thought that you might enjoy seeing some images from that event. Here's a mini-gallery.

P5153897-Pt-Reyes-1600.jpg A view of Tomales Bay from our workshop headquarters. Photos by Derrick Story.

P5184232-Tule-Elk-1600.jpg Tule Elk.

P5174050-Pt-Reyes-1600.jpg Michael photographing birds near Abbotts Lagoon.

P5184166-Pt-Reyes-1600.jpg Seals having a conversation.

IMG_2893.jpeg Harry at work at Drakes Bay.

DSCF2859-Pt-Reyes-Pierce-Point-1600.jpg Seaside Daisy.

DSCF2947-Pt-Reyes-1600.jpg Douglas Iris.

P5174040-Pt-Reyes-1600.jpg Singing White-Crowned Sparrow.

DSCF2970-Pt-Reyes-C1P-Luminar.jpeg Curious Fawn.

If you'd like to learn more about our photography workshops, please visit our workshops page. (We have a fantastic "Wine County in Autumn" event this coming November!)