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This is The Digital Story Podcast #922, Nov. 21, 2023. Today's theme is "Bad News Backup." I'm Derrick Story.

Opening Monologue

The task was simple. All I had to do was gather a few images from 2005 that were stored on one of my twin Drobo drives. No, it's not what you think. The Drobos were fine. But unbeknownst to me, the images on them were trapped. And what I thought was the key to unlock them no longer worked. On today's TDS Photography Podcast, I tell the story of the Bad News Backup. I hope you enjoy the show.

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Bad News Backup

Author's Note: I've published a detailed account of this story on titled, The Rescue Mission. You can read the story for free using this link.


Quietly humming on my desk right now is a white-plastic 2009 MacBook laptop running Mac OS X El Capitan. It's connected to a 2012 Drobo 5D hard drive array with a flickering activity light. They are working together on a very important project.

No, I am not a time traveler. Nor am I so nostalgic that I would nurse along decades-old hardware.

I am on a mission. I'm determined to retrieve images from my life 20 years ago. To help me, I've enlisted the help of a few unlikely characters, a band of aging old has-beens.

Apple has long since stopped supporting plastic MacBooks. Drobo isn't even a company anymore. And the captor of my images, Aperture, was jettisoned in 2015.

I had never worried much about the safety of those memories because Apple had promised an escape key: Photos for macOS (Aperture's replacement). If I wanted to peer into an Aperture library, all I had to do was connect the Drobo to a current computer and open the catalog with the Photos app. That was the deal. Or was it?

Here's what happened next...

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Photographer Switches to JPEG and Is Impeached by Local Club

You can read the entire story on

Seattle, WA: Local photographer Wyatt Jones recently decided to switch from shooting in raw to JPEG format in an effort to spend less time editing images. However, he soon discovered he was spending even more time explaining his decision to horrified fellow photographers who were developing negative opinions.

"I figured JPEGs would be quicker - just shoot and share!" said Jones. "But when I told my camera club friends, you'd think I just kicked a puppy. They kept asking if I had gone insane."

Outraged photographers immediately began cropping up, inundating Jones with reasons he must shoot raw: white balance adjustments, exposure recovery, the ability to re-edit years later, and most importantly, better shadow recovery.

"Eric went on a 15-minute diatribe about how shooting JPEG was 'destroying your creative potential'," said Jones. "He said I may as well just be shooting on a Polaroid. But they're my family photos, not the next Avengers movie!"

The pleas to switch back to raw fell on deaf ears. Later, Jones proudly posted a JPEG photo to his photography forum titled "The Raw Truth." He hoped his unprocessed image would develop into an interesting discussion.

The horrified responses poured in, critiquing the color, noise, and lack of flexibility. "This would have been easily adjustable if you had the raw file," remarked one commenter. "I could have recovered at least 2-3 stops of shadows from the raw data," contributed another. "Your children must be so ashamed to be in this picture," said one particularly rude commenter.

After spending four hours defending his artistic choice, Jones finally admitted that perhaps he had acted in haste. The next day, he sheepishly swapped his camera settings back to raw, hoping to regain positive exposure among his peers.

But the photography club was still fuming over the debut of Jones' undeveloped JPEG image. They asked him to resign as President and charitably offered to only reduce his membership level from Gold to Silver status.

"It's like they had a personal vendetta just because I shot one lousy photo without raw," complained Jones. "I thought artists were supposed to be open-minded!"

When reached for comment, Jones said only: "Next time, I'll just hire an editor to handle all the developing drama."

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