Hot Coffee, Soup, on the Road with This 12V Car Kettle

Regular commuter mugs are fine for short trips. But if you're going to be on the road for more than 30 minutes, you'll appreciate this Electric Car Kettle that plugs into a standard 12V accessory outlet.

IMG_1185.jpeg Hot coffee heating up in the cup holder of the car.

I recently used one on my roadtrip from Santa Rosa, CA to Sedona, AZ, and this $35 commuter keep me swimming in hot coffee and soup.

Here's an overview of its features:

  • Portable And Multiple Temperature Options. Set the temperature range within 86-203 degrees F.
  • Quality Materials & Enhanced Security. Made with food-grade PC plastic material (BPA-free) and 304 stainless steel inner liners to ensure the safety of drinking water. Travel electric kettle has a sealed rubber ring design, will not leak water when placed upside down.
  • Upgraded Smart Screen. Equipped with a large LED display. Smart touch panel buttons to set the temperature to your preference and a clear on-screen temperature display.
  • Unique Design. Wide-angle flip-lid design and a small-caliber water outlet. Side plug design of the small electric kettle makes it easy to fit into a car cupholder. The integrated design means you can take it anywhere.
  • Dual Voltage Switching. Automatically detects 12V-24V voltage and switches automatically, cigarette lighter plug and play, suitable for various cars and trucks.
  • Intelligent keep warm function. The temperature can be adjusted from 86-203 degrees F, and after heating to the set temperature, it will automatically maintain long-term keep warm status.

IMG_1177.jpeg Can also be used outside the car with a portable power station.

One of the things I very much appreciate about this kettle, compared to others, is that it only draws a maximum of 96 watts. Neither my car, nor my Jackery power stations had any difficulty with the voltage.

When I brewed pour-over coffee in the morning, I raised the temperature to 190 degrees. On average, the kettle needed 15-20 minutes to reach this mark.

When I was in the car, I packed a large thermos with premade coffee, then used the kettle to reheat it one serving at a time. Generally speaking, I set the temp to 170 degrees for comfortable sipping. If the coffee was already lukewarm, it only took 5-10 minutes before ready. Its 13.5 ounce capacity is also enough for making a cup of noodles or preparing dehydrated meals.

The electric kettle fits nicely in my car cup holder, the side plug is positioned perfectly, the top lid works great for sipping, then easily secured when necessary. I also used the kettle in my hotel room by plugging it into my Jackery portable power station.

The Electric Car Kettle is available for order on for $35.99. Highly recommended.

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