Aperture Draws Crowds at Photo Expo

Photo Expo
Apple with its new product, "Aperture" has been a big star at PhotoPlus Expo in NYC. Photo courtesy of Scott Sheppard - Inside Mac Media, Inc.

I've heard from many sources that Apple's presence on the PhotoPlus Expo trade show floor added the extra boost of energy that the event needed. Apple chose this venue to unveil Aperture, its new pro workflow solution that's particular appealing to Raw shooters. I'll cover more on this software in the coming weeks.


Nice podcast, as always!!!!

/Emil frome Sweden

This program looks awesome. I can't wait to get a copy of it and hear your take on it.

Yeah, I'm up in the wilds of N. Ca right now shooting Raw (this note is from an Internet Cafe), and I wish I had Aperture this moment. The Bridge workflow is too clunky for me. It especially takes too long to generate the thumbnails from my Canon 5D. I'm actually using Canon's Digital Photo Professional app for now. It works darn well. But please Apple, send my copy of Aperture asap!

I use bridge for somethings but I agree its very clunky. I hook my 12" power book up to a cinema display and it looks like I'm going to have to get a G5 or upgrade to a 15 or 17" powerbook. From what I can tell on the website aperture will not run on the 12"pb