Rocket Air Blaster Safe Alternative to Propellents

Rocket Air
The Giottos Rocket Air Blaster does not use potentially harmful propellents to blow dust off camera components...

Dust control is just as important in digital photography as it is with film. You still have to carefully clean the fronts and backs of lenses, and more importantly for Digital SLR owners, keep the inside of the camera particle-free too. The Giottos Rocket Air Blaster has become my gizmo of choice for blowing away unwanted dust.

Unlike with canned air, you don't have to worry about harmful propellents accidently spraying out onto the lens surface with the Air Blaster -- or worse yet, on to your image sensor (with disastrous results!). The Giottos emits a steady stream of pure air and nothing else. Its extra long red tip nozzle enables you to clean tight areas. And it even has feet so you can stand it on the camera shelf where it serves as a conversation piece when not in use.

The Giottos Rocket Air Blaster is available in a couple different sizes. They all work great. And if you're looking for an affordable gift for your favorite photographer, they cost only about $11 each.

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I use the Hakuba Super Blower Large. This blower puts out an excellent volume of air and has a rubber tip. I like the rubber tip when using the blower on a lens or when blowing dust off the sensor on my Nikon D70. B&H sells it for $8.50.

Yes, I've heard of the Hakuba too, but haven't tried it. Does it look as cool as the Rocket though ;)

Does this model Rocket Blaster ever need cleaning? I read that the larger oval shaped model has a filter on the back-end and intake valve on the front end, to prevent it from inhaling particles. I store my rocket blaster point down in my camera bag next to a lens, and the bulb sometimes gets a little squeezed, so maybe it could inhale particles from that compartment? It seems like the blaster is actually blowing stuff into the camera. Is that possible? Suggestions?

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