Speaker Wire Salvation

Flat Pin Connector

Twisting the ends of speaker wires, then getting them inside those little holes on the back of your amplifier can be a maddening experience. This is especially frustrating for portable units that you're constantly moving around the house, such as the Sonic Impact Class T Amp that I recently reviewed (and complained about this very problem).

I finally took my punctured finger tips to the local Radio Shack in search of a solution and discovered their Flat-Pin Connectors that are 24-karet gold plated and easy to secure on the ends of your speaker wires with a standard crimping tool. They cost $3.29 a pair.

Another advantage to these connectors is that they include colored protective sleeves that keep the wires from coming in contact with one another. The sleeves also help you match red-to-red and black-to-black to maintain the proper polarity between speaker and amplifier.

It took me about 15 minutes to attach the connectors to the wires. Now speaker setup takes only seconds, and no more punctured finger tips.

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