Nikon D200 Tops "Most Desired" DSLR List

Nikon D200

In a recent poll of The Digital Story podcast listeners, the Nikon D200 topped the list of "most desired" DSLRs. Listeners to Podcast #8 were asked to post the DSLR they most wanted to buy in Show Notes section of that show. The top 5 cameras were as follows:

  1. Nikon D200
  2. Canon 5D
  3. Canon Rebel XT (350D)
  4. Nikon D50
  5. Nikon D70

Even though it was a small sampling (39 votes) the audience consists of avid photographers who are interested the latest cameras.

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I thought this was an interesting result given your recommendation to stick with the brand for which you already have glass. I also wonder if your listeners tend to already own pretty nice cameras. Your poll asked which SLR they would like to buy which precludes one that they own and might be happy with.

I'm loving your podcasts - thanks for your hard work.


Yes, Daniel, you make some good points. It's a very informal poll, to be sure. But I think it's worth noting that Nikon has created some serious interest in the D200, especially at a time when there are tempting offerings by other companies. Thanks for listening!

The link to the new podcast seems to be a link to podcast #8, or am I just being dim?

RE: Podcast link... Actually, it is *I* who is dim :)

I was trying to be clever and provide a link to Podcast #8 in this post for people who had not listened to the DSLR roundup yet. By doing so, my Moveable Type publishing system saw a link to an audio file, and sent it out as a new podcast. Ooops. I won't do that again. Thanks for the heads up Chris.

I agree with your comments in the Digital SLR review that users with existing films SLR cameras might be well advised to stay with the same brand of camera when converting to digital SLR.

I am pleased with my Nikon D70 camera, but the Canon Rebel XT was also in the list of cameras I was considering. If I did not already have Nikon glass I might well have purchased the Canon. Another factor was the greater zoom range of the kit lens in the Nikon (17->70 gave me enough range on the telephoto end that I find it suitable for 90% of my photos. The 2nd 70->300mm zoom seems to take care of my telephoto needs. The only time I use my legacy fixed focal lens inventory is when I need a faster lens (all the zooms are pretty slow).

Great reviews of so may cameras in one show. Every camera has it's strengths and weaknesses. It is up to the photographer to pick out the right camera to match their unique needs at a reasonable price.

Dean Nichols