Grab Shot 13 - The Eyes Say It All

Kresser Grab Shot

"I was walking in Downtown Berkeley the other day with my camera," said Chris Kresser. "The man in the photo asked me for spare change. When I turned to look at him, I was deeply struck by the story told in his eyes. He agreed to have his photograph taken."

"Afterwards, I gave him some change from my pocket. 'I guess that was my first modeling job,' he said. Two days later I returned with an 8 X 10 print of this shot and handed it to him. His whole face lit up and he began showing it to everyone on the street."

Chris used a Canon Digital Rebel XT in program mode. The ISO was set to 100. He captured it with existing light with no flash (1/25 @ f-5.6). One thing that Chris did that I really appreciate is that he made a print and gave it to his subject. This type of follow through builds good will, for all photographers.

If you have an interesting candid you'd like to share, take a look at our Submissions page, then send us your Grab Shot. If we publish it, you'll receive an ultra cool custom carabineer keychain.

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What a great picture and a great story! Everyone deserves the honor that Chris paid this man. I also appreciate that Chris gave him a copy of the picture.

Love this grab shot. I'd love to see more of your work - do you have an online gallery?