"Is iPhoto 6 Right for You?" - Podcast 16

iPhoto 6

iPhoto 6 is arguably the most exciting release of Apple's venerable digital shoebox. New features in the current version includes:

  • 250,000 photo library capacity.
  • Full screen editing.
  • Online publishing with iWeb.
  • Non-managed library option for images on your hard drive.
  • Direct connect to Adobe Camera Raw.
  • Photocasting.
  • Lots of output options.
  • Included in the iLife '06 suite for $79.

One of the most notable new features in iPhoto 6 is that you can point to images already organized in the file system on your hard drive. This is a big change from its "managed library system" that has been your only option in the past. I've posted more details about this in What Happens When You Edit an Image Stored Outside of iPhoto 6. I've also published a more extensive piece titled iPhoto 6 First Impressions where I cover some of my favorite features in iPhoto 6, including Full Screen Editing mode. Here's what I had to say:

"Just click once on any thumbnail, tap the Full Screen button, and watch your image fill up the screen against a black background. You have all of your editing tools hiding on the bottom and the thumbnails hiding on top. A simple mouse-over reveals them.

"CMD-click up to 8 images in thumbnail mode, then tap the Full Screen button and compare them all at once. You can magnify each image using the slider at the bottom of the screen, or by simply pressing the 1 key (100%), 2 key (200%), or the 0 key to return to "fit in screen" size. You can rate your photos using the floating info box (and add comments too). Everything works great in full screen mode. If you have really big Photoshop images, they may take a few seconds to reach full resolution. But for my cameras, including the Canon 5D, the performance was excellent."

In the podcast, I also discuss one of my favorite 3rd party plug-ins for iPhoto: iPhoto Library Manager. I think this handy app helps you keep your iPhoto libraries to a manageable size. If you'd like to read about more of my favorite iPhoto add ons, take a look at iPhoto 6 and 3rd Party Apps.


Listen to the Podcast

Now that I've piqued your curiosity, it's time to listen to today's audio show titled, "Is iPhoto 6 Right for You?" You can download the podcast here (31 minutes).

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Why, oh why, oh why, can't Steve leave my pictures where they are? Please stop making copies in secret places! And while you're at it, use IPTC for tags/keywords instead of some crappy metaDB. I really, really, REALLY want to like iPhoto, but these two things are deal breakers.

Well, you can store your images anywhere you want on your hard drive and let iPhoto 6 "point to them." This is one of the most notable new features in this latest release. I posted a link above to "What Happens When You Edit an Image Stored Outside of iPhoto 6." You might want to take a peek at it.

As for IPTC tags, there are AppleScripts that enable you to import that metadata into iPhoto.

Hope this helps...

I listened to your podcast before I posted. What I am complaining about is that, sure, you can leave your photos where they are if you wan to just LOOK a them though iPhoto. But, if you make changes, then iPhoto starts making copies where? Not the original location. No, it puts them in the home directory. Really lame. And as for applescrtipts, no, iPhoto should be able to do this. That after this many versions Apple still does not allow you to EDIT iptc data is just pathetic.

Just read your oreily post about editing an photo in iPhoto that is not stored in the iPhoto library. When iPhoto makes a copy for editing, which is it copying to the library - the original or the modified file?

Hi John, So the title of this podcast is: "Is iPhoto 6 Right for You?" Based on our discussion here, my guess is that the answer is "No!" :) And of course, that's perfectly fine. That's why I try to review lots of photo management software here so you can find the right fit.

And to answer your other question about the edited picture: yes, iPhoto 6 will store that in its library, regardless of where there original is located.

As for IPTC metadata, you're right again... no elegant way to include that in iPhoto.

Have you downloaded the beta for Lightroom? That might be worth looking at.

I enjoyed the last (all of your) podcast, reviewing iPhoto 6, but I was especially interested in the 3rd party app you mentioned: iPhoto Library Manager. This may be a bit off topic, but with the ability to create multiple libraries, would a separate library to catalog non-photo images (line art, clip art, etc.) be desirable and/or advisable? I would like to be able to view my art work just like I view and manage my photos in iPhoto. Is this done? Do you have any suggestions?

Hi PW, I don't think that's crazy at all to create an iPhoto Library for a specialized collection of images -- in your case artwork. I have all sorts of libraries for special purposes. One thing I do, however, is use a naming convention so I have some idea of what's contained in each library, such as: iPhoto Library (illustrations).