No Upgrade Fee for Aperture Universal Binary


Apple announced that Aperture customers will not have to pay an upgrade fee for the Universal Binary version that will most likely be released in March. This is good news on a couple fronts. First, we avoid the $49 charge that many other Apple users will have to pay for UB upgrades. But beyond that, it's rumored that there will be other improvements beyond MacIntel compatibility.

Mac G4 and G5 users should be able to download the new version, when it's available, via Software Update. I'm unclear right now about how MacIntel users will get the update and load it on their new machines. More to be revealed.

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Apple is now saying that MacIntel users will also get the v1.1 update via software update.
So if you have not installed Aperture on you MacIntel yet you better get it installed pretty soon (even though the program won't run) because v1.1 should be out any second now.