Heard It All Before

Mazatlan Chat

While I was hanging around in the Old Town Plaza in Mazatlan, I enjoyed watching this conversation among friends. The gentleman on the left launched into a long story that I'm certain the other two had heard more than once. The expressions say it all.

I've been using the Digital Rebel XT with only two lenses for my street shooting in Mexico: 17-40mm L and the 75-300 IS EF. So far I've been able to cover everything I need with this duo. This picture was recorded with the 17-40mm, wide open at f-4 at ISO 100. I'm shooting everything Raw on this trip and processing the images in Aperture.

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Derrick, this is a wonderful photo - so full of life and interest. I wondered if you asked these men for their permission to take this picture? I've been tempted to take candid shots like this at times, but was a little shy about it.

The only time I ask for permission first is when I'm going to have people pose for me. In this case, I take the shot as it happens, then make eye contact with the subjects and smile. If there's a problem with me taking the shot, I'll find out then. But in all my years of street shooting, I haven't had a problem. Part of the technique is picking the right situations and being respectful.

Great shot......I would have loved to been a fly on the wall for this. The stories must be something else. Hey Derrick....how's your spanish?