Grab Shot 22 - "Stunning Evening Panorama of Atlanta"

Section of Panorama

Here's a section of a full panorama that Seth Grad photographed on the roof of his office in downtown Atlanta. He stitched the shots together using Pixtra. His lens was set to 18mm (1.5x sensor), and he used a tripod.

"Another useful tip for shooting panoramics (especially at night)," says Seth, "is to use exposure lock or manual settings for exposure. If you have the time, you can spot meter a few areas of the scene and pick one exposure. Be careful not to use a very bright or dark area. Then, using exposure lock or manual settings, make sure the same exposure is used throughout the scene."

To get a feel for the breadth of his panorama, here's the full length of the image:

Full Pano

Great work Seth!

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Just in case you missed it, this week's podcast is about making panoramas...

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Comments are working properly again :)

Thats an awsome shot, I hope to be able to try somthing like that, I just need to get the hang of ISO and exposures.

Great panorama, I love those evening night colors!!

Hey! I admire your writing and the way you explain things. Some of the comments on here too are insightful. I appreciate you. keep it up!