Grab Shot 36 - "End of an Era"

End of an Era

I was driving down Highway 101 in Northern California when I spotted this abandoned gas station off the side of the road. I needed a break, so I pulled off and went exploring. The light was diffused from the overhead clouds that were also producing rain. I surveyed the scene for a few minutes, then pulled out my Canon 5D with its 24-105 lens and started working the shot.

I had just paid $3.35 a gallon for my compact Saturn, and I was thinking about how we were nearing the end of an era -- the petroleum fuel era. Funny that minutes later I stumbled upon this shot that echoed my thoughts.

I captured the image in RAW mode, 1/60th @ f-4.5, ISO 400. I then converted it to B&W in Adobe Photoshop. Image by Derrick Story.

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