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Inside Lightroom

I've been spending a lot of time with Lightroom these days, Adobe's photo management software for serious photographers. I'll have lots of surprises for you around this application, but for now I want to let you know about a new site I'm running called Inside Lightroom.

Inside Lightroom is loaded with tips and techniques for mastering this photo workflow software. Right now, you can listen to an audio interview I did with published author Julianne Kost as she discusses Lightroom's impact for digital photographers.

Then go the the Adobe Labs page and download the latest version of the public beta. To help you get comfortable quickly, also download the free 22-page "getting started" PDF by O'Reilly author, Ken Milburn, titled From Darkroom to Lightroom.

I'm firing up the blog posts too. For example, do you know how to add music to a Lightroom slideshow? Check out this slideshow tip to get the scoop.

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Cool -- there's some good info on Inside Lightroom. Great interview too!