Grab Shot 44 - "Ice Cream"

Ice Cream

"This is one of my favorite portraits of my son," said Frank Blanco. "His team had won the baseball game that day, and I had promised him lunch at a restaurant. He ordered, among other things, a chocolate shake. I think it made him even happier than winning the game."

Frank used a Nikon D100 set to ISO 200. The flash was turned off and the camera was in Aperture Priority mode @ f-5.6. Shutter speed was 1/20th.

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I really like this photo. It shows that we can capture something special without having to go to a far away land. In this simple pleasure of life, a great feeling has been captured. Thank you.

Hi Derrick!

I noticed that this should be "Grab Shot 44" (see "Temple of Knowledge" for comparison).

Just for your information.

Greetings from Vienna!

Hi Chris, you're right. I got out of order, but have corrected the situation. Thanks for the sharp eye!

Awesome blog entry! Your blog is one of the better ones I've seen! Looking forward to some more entries from you.