"Image Editing Workflow" - Podcast 37

Levels Histogram

How do you build a basic image processing workflow with the tools you already have? It's quite easy and involves only a few steps. This workflow might not be as convenient as what you'd enjoy in a contained environment, such as with Aperture, Lightzone or Adobe's Lightroom, but you don't have to spend the dollars either.

This podcast covers the following steps:

  • Upload your images
  • Crop to improve composition
  • Adjust exposure using levels command (see illustration above for example of good levels settings)
  • Correct the white balance
  • Sharpen using Unsharp Mask

You don't have to spend more time managing your images on your computer than you did capturing them in the first place. I'll show you how to work more efficiently.

Listen to the Podcast

Now that I've piqued your curiosity, it's time to listen to today's audio show titled, "Image Editing Workflow." You can download the podcast here (32 minutes).

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Love the podcast!!!!

Great Idea for a show! ;-)
Gonna load it up and listen on my way to work tomorrow.

Keep up the good work!


Finally got to hear the show and I have a few comments about the workflow.
I suggest cropping for output as a final step.
This way you only need to do your "image tweaking" once.Then you can save your final version as a finished print master,cropping for print or display as many times as needed.
Also, I suggest sharpening AFTER you crop or resize for output.This way any interpolation that may happen on resizing wont need to be sharpened again.



Sharpen should always be the last step. And use restraint with sharpening. As for when to crop, I think that depends on your particular workflow. I like to make the initial crop early because I think it improves the photograph. If I'm using Lightroom or Aperture, I can recrop without losing data later if I need specific proportions. Cropping as the second to last step in your workflow seems like a good alternative and might work better for a lot of people. Thanks!