Grab Shot 45 - "No More!"

No More!

"I rented a Nikon SB-800 flash and took a bunch of shots of my two sons to test the unit," said Matt Jorgensen. "After about 10 minutes, they were getting pretty sick of me and the camera. I think this shot sums up my youngest son's thoughts (the older son is collapsed on the couch in disgust)."

Here are the shooting details: Camera: Nikon D70, Shutter: 1/60 sec, Aperture: f/3.5, ISO: 100, Focal Length: 18mm, Flash: SB-800.

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Didn't know the D70 could do ISO 100...

I think he meant ISO 200, but as a side comment, I don't think that I ever take any pics without my sto-fen on my SB-600, bounced up 45. I shoot a Nikon D 50, and almost exclusively in aperature priority, 50mm 1.8. Really lights up the pics, and I think I will have to post some soon!

Oops, absolutely correct on the ISO. That should be 200 not 100. Sorry about that!