Wedding in Iceland

Wedding in Iceland

We found a tiny chapel outside of Reykholt Iceland while exploring on Sunday. Before the shooting commenced, we asked a local if it was OK to photograph the church. Not only did we get permission, but I found out there was going to be a wedding later that day. I was thrilled, since I wasn't able to participate in the wedding I had planned on attending the day before. We just couldn't work out the transportation. Now, out of nowhere, Iceland provided me with a second chance.

I've published a few of those images, along with shots from eight other photographers on the team, at this Adventure Web Gallery. If you have a moment, I recommend that you take a look at the work of these great artists. Hopefully, we'll publish a second gallery very soon.

Oh, and back to the wedding. The couple didn't have a photographer lined up. So, I'll be providing them with a few dozen images as a thank you for letting be part of their event.

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Great shots in the gallery! Thanks for providing the link. Would love to see camera model and lens information for them (or even all the EXIF data since I'm feeling greedy).

The gallery seems to be offline... I get a 'page not found' error.

Hi Everyone, I believe the gallery is here.

Can you please tell me the name/location of church where you took the pictures. I'm planning my wedding in Iceland (my fiance is Icelandic) and I'm hoping to find a beautiful spot that we can fit both our family and friends in. Thanks for the wonderful images.