Grab Shot 50 - Illuminated Butterfly

Illuminated Butterfly

"I was at my sister's cottage and this butterfly landed near me," said Eric Knapp. "I was holding my camera and I quickly turned and took a shot. However, in the camera's display the butterfly was too small and too dark. Then I remembered two of Derrick's tips on taking better pictures. The first tip was "fill flash," and the second was "move closer." So I climbed inside the electric deer fence and popped up the flash on my Pentax *ist DS. The butterfly held still for a few more seconds and I took this shot at 1/180 sec., f 5.6, at 55mm, with the flash on. The ISO was set to 200."

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As a child, I used to collect butterflies. Some are very beautiful.
Your photo is stunning.

Nice photo! Excellent sharpness.

Thanks for showing my photo and thanks for the comments. This means a lot to me.