"Heat" - Results from Photo Assignment 5

This month's Photo Assignment displays the work of 4 participants from The Digital Story community. The following shots are their interpretations of the theme, "heat." This assignment must have prompted many of our readers to break out into a sweat, because we had fewer participants than in previous months. But I think you'll enjoy the steamy shots presented here.

Iceland Steam
Derrick Story

"Iceland Steam." Many people imagine Iceland as this cold, barren place. But much of the country is powered by geothermal steam. While I was staying in Nesbud, I discovered this creek of flowing 90 degree C water... too hot to touch. We waited until evening so we could capture the steam rising in the cool air, then placed models in the middle of this turmoil clad in Icelandic wool. All of these elements helped me create this unusual portrait. (Derrick is the moderator for The Digital Story).
I used a tripod-mounted Canon 5D with a 75-300mm IS zoom set to 170mm. ISO was 200, shutter speed 1/30th, aperture f-5.6.

Allen Rockwell

It's just a coincidence that the Digital Story photo assignment is "Heat" and a huge fire started near my home last week... I had nothing to do with it!!! But I did grab my camera to get some shots.
This image was captured from about a mile or so away through my Canon 100mm-400mm IS lens @ 400mm with a 1.4x teleconverter attached (560mm x 1.6 aps factor = 896mm) and hand held on my Canon EOS 30D. 1/250th second, f/8, ISO 100

Chili Peppers
Emil Trollklint

Heat: a spicy quality in food that produces a burning sensation in the mouth -- chili peppers add taste and heat to food.
Canon PowerShot A620 -- M, 1/10 , f 2,8

Blow Torch
Phillip Resuggan

Downtown Memphis, Tn. Beale St. Saturday afternoon. The image is titled "Fire + Memphis Summer = Heat."

The Photo Assignment for August 2006 is "red." If you'd like your slideshow considered for publication, send it in by Aug. 30th. For more information, see our Submissions page.


hey we have the same last name, wheres yours from Phillip
(my email doesnt work so just post comments)

hey we have the same last name, wheres yours from Phillip
(my email doesnt work so just post comments)

I get photo story about heat but i'm confius. I thing u want give me solution. thanks for u atention