WWDC Wrap Up on Latest iLifeZone


I just got together with the rest of the iLifeZone crew in San Francisco to record a special WWDC Wrap Up episode. If you haven't listed to the iLifeZone previously, it's a regular podcast that I do with host Scott Bourne and Chris Breen. We cover all things Macintosh, with me usually focusing on QuickTime and iPhoto. In this current show, however, we analyze the announcements from Apple's World Wide Developers Confernce that include the new Intel-based Mac Pro desktop computer, Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) and the Apple Design Awards.

You can subscribe to the iLifeZone via iTunes Music Store. Our next show, which airs on August 20, is the "Tips Monster" episode. For that episode, we sat 6 Mac experts around a table and fired off tip after tip. You won't want to miss that one either.

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We welcome the Digital Story readers to the iLifeZone podcast and I might add that for this episode of the show, Derrick was particularly deep and insightful :)

Thanks for making such a killer blog. I come on here all the time and am floored with the fresh information here.