Canon PowerShot G7 - Handsome Camera, No RAW

Canon G7

Among Canon's latest round of pre-Photokina announcements, they debuted the new Canon PowerShot G7. Its impressive features include: 10 MP sensor, 6X optical zoom (35-200mm equiv.), image stabilizer, 2.5" LCD, hot shoe, DIGIC III processor, custom white balance setting, and ISO 1600.

What's missing? No RAW mode and the viewfinder is mounted to the back of the camera no longer swinging out as in earlier G models. If you want RAW on a Canon camera, you have to move up to the Digital Rebel. I'd better understand this move if Canon were having a hard time selling Rebels. But that ain't the case. The PowerShot G7 is a sophisticated camera that should include RAW.

The Canon G7 should be available in October '06. No price was announced.

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I'm a little surprised they made the G7 at all... why by a G7 when you can get an SLR in the same price range?

Well, you do get a powerful zoom lens that's stabilized and a very robust movie mode... in a fairly compact body. I can see the appeal for advanced amateurs who don't want to lug around a big kit. But no RAW? Hmmm...

No raw, no deal. Otherwise an improvement on the G6 would be great. I would prefer to have a compact than an SLR, but not at the expense of core features.

For those of us who wanted a high-quality compact when the dSLR won't do, the latest G series used to be a no brainer. Now, the choice got tougher as the G7 won't do. I don't want in-camera processing. If that s Canon's answer, I'll likely switch to Fuji!