"Money Making Tips" - Digital Photography Podcast 51


Are you a photographer in search of money? Sounds like an ad you'd find in the back of a trade magazine. But many serious shooters could use a few extra dollars to upgrade their equipment and pay for incidental expenses associated with their photography.

In this podcast, I talk about my own money making adventures plus tips I've gathered from other shooters. Here's the deal: if you only need to augment your income with photography, chances are good you'll be successful. If you want to generate all of your income with a camera, you'll probably have a rougher road to travel. That isn't to say that you can't make your living with photography. With enough talent, luck, and determination you can. But this show is more about adding income to your day job through photography. I think this is a great way to test the waters. Listen in and see if this discussion stirs your creative business juices.

Listen to the Podcast

Now that I've piqued your curiosity, it's time to listen to today's audio show titled, "Money Making Tips." You can download the podcast here (28 minutes).

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Nice episode Derrick !

Great topic for a podcast. You're a little long winded but your personal style really adds to the show.

I want to write and share that I've started a wedding and event photography business this past summer. I had been doing videography but I have found digital wedding photography to be much more enjoyable.

I would like to add to what you say about the importance of having at least two cameras. I just got my second one (a Canon 30D) and it has made a big difference. Now, not only is my Rebel XT a backup camera, it's also a very useful second camera which means I don't have to keep switching between say my 85mm prime lens or my 28-105 telephoto lens on my 30D. I can carry both cameras at times and get selective shots done a little eaiser.

I also want to add that digital wedding photography is very expensive in terms of getting equipment and doing marketing. But it can pay well if you keep packages competative.

Finally, I would say that anyone starting out in wedding photography, might want to join the wedding photographers group on Flickr.com. There are many other groups out there, but I enjoy this one because it's not too large or small and I've met some really good people through it.

Anyway, keep your podcasts coming.

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