Woz on a Segway

Woz on a Segway

I was hanging around the front of the Apple Media Event yesterday, taking some outdoor shots of the Yerba Buena Theater and all the goings on around it. Out of the corner of my eye I see Steve Wozniak, Apple Computer co-founder, approach on his Segway. I was able to quickly recompose the shot to capture Steve in the foreground zipping by with the all the Apple decor in the background.

I was shooting with a Canon Digital Rebel XT, ISO 100, 1/250 at f-9.5. Fortunately I was in Raw mode, which helped me tame the intense contrast of the scene later in Adobe Camera Raw.

As we've discussed before in our virtual camera club... always take your camera.

You can see more images here from the Apple Media Event

See It in Person

If you're in Northern California on the weekend of October 7, stop by the Macintosh Computer Expo and sit in on my iPhoto 6 Tips and Tricks session. It's free, and I'll show you this tip plus lots of other cool iPhoto goodies. For those who really want to dig into some shooting techniques, stick around another day and sign up for my Digital Photography Made Amazing half day workshop on Oct. 8. But sign up early because seating is limited.

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I was looking at your photos ... very nice.

I'm curious about the file jobs_1989, is that the upcoming iTV thingy?

Yeah, jobs_1989 gives you a good look at the jacks in the back of the iTV device...