Affordable Photo Package for Windows Users


I've discovered an affordable photo management/photo editing package that Windows users might want to investigate. ACDSee has bundled their manager/editor packages, and are offering the whole deal for $79.99 US.

The Photo Editor offers features such as: one-click auto color balance, auto levels, auto sharpen, or auto contrast; adjustment/filter variations display up to 8 different previews of your original photo; and how-tos that teach you how to be creative with your photos, step by step.

The Photo Manager also has a nice array of goodies including: auto categories that automatically match your photos into categories based on camera information like IPTC and EXIF metadata; print layouts reduce the complexity and confusion of printing multiple photos; and organize photos by date and event with the calendar events view.

With the holidays fast approaching, this might be a good gift to help your favorite Windows photographer get organized.

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I know this is an old post/review, but I'm curious if you are using ACDSee yourself. I've been unsing it for a few years now, but do not have the latest release I'm still on 7.0. I've been trying out both LightRoom and and Photoshow Elements as DAM, but I'm having a tough time giving my folders completely. I want keywords and tags, but sometimes you just want to see what's in a folder dammit;)