Grab Shot 65 - Rockets and Red Glare


"I took this shot from the Golden Gate Bridge on a Friday bike ride," said Brad Immanuel. "Two jets, F-18s, I think, were flying formation around the bay. They flew toward the east side of the bridge and then over it while I checked the view out. I had a lot of trouble getting my Digital Rebel to auto-focus, and by the time I got a shot off, they were right overhead. So it's a hastily composed image, but I think the tower, planes, and glare all play well. I turned up the color in Aperture."

Actually, Brad, this might be an instance when the shot you could get was the best composition. Brad recorded this photo with his Digital Rebel XT set to ISO 400.

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Indeed I think this might be a case where Brad got the right shot in the end. Too much earlier and you would have had little black jet blips in the sky. Here, there's something for those very small elements (small as a percentage of frame) to work with. I really dig this one.

I really like it, too. I especially like that it's a recognizable, iconic subject seen from an unexpected angle, but the unexpectedness has a clear purpose.

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