Moray Eel in Maui


As I continue to work with the Canon SD700 and the WP-DC5 underwater housing in West Maui, I'm getting more comfortable with the rig each day. The only glitch I had today was some fogging on the inside of the housing after a short session of above-water shooting. So I had to swim back to shore, take the camera out of the housing, defog, then return for a second tour of snorkeling.

I'd also recommend the optional weights that you can get for the housing. I noticed that I wasn't staying submerged as long as I would have liked on my free dives. Part of what was working against me was the WP-DC5 housing that is buoyant by design. The optional weights help counter that. And when you're trying to stay under during a dive, every little bit helps.

The top image is a Moray Eel I caught relocating from one rocky area to another. I had to shoot fast to catch him, and the SD700 was very responsive. The bottom shot of the Rectangular Triggerfish is from above also. I really like the clown-like face, complete with blue lips, that is displayed on the top of this beautiful fish.



I have been looking at the Canon S80 for a trip to Kauai coming up next Feb. I have dived and snorkled all along where you were. I assume that you went to Black Rock (Near the Sheriton on Kaanapali). Your eel and trigger fish are spectacular. How much did you have to adjust out the blue in these shots. BTW I love your Podcasts and will soon catch up to where I can enter some of the photo assignments. I have a grab shot and favorite lense (the same) that I will share this week.

Hey Joe, You're absolutely right about Black Rock. It's one of the best snorkeling sites I've ever visited. Both of these shots were captured there.

I'll tell you my basic workflow for these shots. First, I used the "Underwater" scene mode when shooting with the Canon SD700. Then, after I uploaded the images to iPhoto 6, I often used the "Enhance" button to correct the color. Enhance seems to work particularly well for underwater shots. But the effect is often a bit too strong for me, so I then open the Adjust palette and back off the saturation and contrast a bit. Some shots need sharpening, some don't. And that's it.

Best of luck as you prepare for your trip in Feb.

The S80 doesn't have RAW which is essential once you dive deep and start really getting into UW photography. The S70 seems to be the last of the semi-pro canon compacts that really work UW IMHO.