Grab Shot 72 - Greyhound Race


"I took my camera to the Naples Fort Myers Greyhound Track in Bonita Springs, FL," said Paul Tomlinson. "I was attempting to get down low (per one of Derrick's podcasts) to get a different angle on the subjects. I was dismayed that many of the images were out of focus, but darn it if these athletes aren't tremendously fast."

Paul captured this shot with a Fuji S2 Pro using the Nikkor 80-200mm F2.8 at 200mm, F4, and 1/750 at ISO 100.

As an aside (from Paul), if you have an interest in adopting a retired athlete, please visit:

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Where is the image?

great shot!

i have a finepix s2 pro and i am thinking of getting myself a 18-200mm nikkor lens as well. i've been searching for some sample pictures with this setup. if you don't mind, could you possibly email me some full resolution sample pictures? i just want to see the detail for myself before buying one. it would be very appreciated

tim c