Grab Shot 75 - Northern Water Snake


"My son and I were canoeing around the islands at Charleston Lake Provincial Park," said Andre Campeau, "when we came up to this northern water snake basking in the morning sun."

Andre used a Nikon D70 with a 55-200 Sigma zoom at ISO 200 to capture this wonderful grab shot.

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Great shot!...even better while trying to manuver a canoe for a good shot.Not a venomous snake but Im sure you didnt want it the canoe with you :-)

How close did you get?


Thanks for the comment Brian.
We got almost within arm reach. Didn't get any closer though. Like you said, we didn't want it in our canoe.

Hey Uncle Andre'!

That's a great shot! Right now, I'm in Virginia. I actually got to see a snake in the lake while Andie (my cousin) Hillary, and I were fishing. It was black with a red belly. She thought it was a Cottonmouth, but we're not really sure.
Anyways, that's an incredible shot!
Missing everyone,