Podcast Interview with Joe Schorr, Aperture Project


I recently sat down with Joe Schorr, Aperture Product Manager for Apple, and talked about the inception and evolution of Apple's pro level photo management application. Joe has been a part of the project from the very early days, and he's helped Aperture reach its one-year birthday in good shape.

In my first interview with Joe, he gives us some background on his role, then he discusses the changes to the application itself. Then, in the second interview, he drills down into some of the new features found in Aperture 1.5

I recorded these podcasts in Joe's office on the Apple campus in Cupertino. It's rare that an Apple employee gets to talk freely in front of a microphone, and I think Aperture fans will enjoy these candid convesations.

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I just finished listening to both podcasts with Joe Schorr and yourself. It was very timely as I'm close to the end of my 30 Aperture Trial. I have been using LightRoom through B4 vice iPhoto for the additional RAW workflow options. I shoot with a Nikon D200 and recently upgraded my PowerBook G4 to a 1st Gen MacBook Pro. I have older photos still residing in the iPhoto library that were taken from 1998 when I bought my first digital camera through 2003. That's when I bought my first DSLR, the Nikon D100.

One of the things that I don't like about LightRoom is there's no intergration with the iLife apps. That was also a concern I had with migrating to Aperture and spending the money to buy it now.

How much work and effort would it be to get my images from Aperture to iPhoto if I want to print and send photos via the online option? Or use some shots for iWeb.

Lo and behold, during your interview Joe mentions that there's a link from inside iPhoto to access your Aperture library. My problems are now solved and I can move my iPhoto library over to Aperture now too and use iPhoto to purchase 4x6 prints to send to family and friends.