Canon PowerShot G7 Earns Positive Review

Canon G7

In a recent review on Photography Blog, the Canon PowerShot G7 earned high praise, with the reviewer commenting that "Though I'd hate to use the word great, in almost all aspects the Canon G7 is certainly very, very good. If I had to choose a back up compact for an SLR, the Canon PowerShot G7 would currently top the list. Superb. If you haven't yet submitted your list to Santa, or want a new toy to play with to beat those post-festive blues, seek out this sophisticated contender for some serious results."

The G7 is a 10-megapixel beauty that fits in your coat pocket, but offers big features such as a 2.5" LCD, 6X optical zoom, image stabilizer, DIGIC III processor, 80-1600 ISO range, and just about every camera control you'd find on a standard DSLR.

As I've mentioned before, there is no RAW mode, and the LCD is now fixed to the back of the camera: two features that I miss from earlier models in the Canon G series. But I've talked to two photographers who own the camera, plus have read a handful of reviews such as the recent one on Photography Blog, and this camera is resonating with users. I can tell you one thing, it feels good to hold. And the images it produces are terrific. But I have to say, I really want RAW mode on a camera of this caliber.

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Despite the lack of RAW mode, it's certainly resonating with me so far. I just put one under the Christmas tree for my wife. Right before that, though, I held it for a few seconds and it certainly felt solid and good. I was surprised at how small it really is but it's just the right size for pockets on pants, shirts, or jackets. Thanks to your great Water Photography podcast ideas Derrick, I even threw in a Canon WP-DC11 waterproof case for some extra beach and swimming pool fun. Also, the cost of my G7 purchase was eased a little by a Canon rebate this season. I enjoyed reading the Photography Blog review. It's a nice addition to the information on Dpreview and other opinions around the net.

I agree about the wonderful feel of this camera. I had a chance to play with one during lunch with a photographer friend. Didn't really want to give it back when it was time to go :)

I have to agree, I am looking for a portable but advanced (i.e. manual modes) camera but I haven't found anything that fits:
* More transportable than my 5D + Lenses
* Good battery life
* Little sensor noise (Bye bye Panasonic)
* RAW Mode
* Fully manual
* Macro mode
* Decent Zoom
* Sturdy

The G7 is close but the lack of RAW is killing me (underwater photography).

Just wanted to give you a shout from the valley of the sun, great information. Much appreciated.

Thank you very much for this!