"Scene Modes" - Digital Photography Podcast 61

Typical Scene Modes

Scene modes serve as a shortcut for a combination of camera settings tailored for a specific shooting situation, such as a night portrait where you want to retain some of the background information. When you go to a scene mode, your camera sets the shutter speed, aperture, white balance, drive mode, and sometimes even adjusts exposure compensation or metering pattern.

The trick is to learn which scene modes are useful for you, then know how to switch to them quickly when you encounter the appropriate lighting situation. In this podcast, I cover the most common scene modes available, and talk a bit about what's going on behind the "scenes" when you use them.

Dec. Photo Assignment

I also mention the December photo assignment, "Pool of Light." I originally got the idea for this assignment by looking at some of Steve Simon's existing light pictures when he composed the main subject in a pool of light and let everything else live in the shadows. I think this is very effective.

Listen to the Podcast

Now that I've piqued your curiosity, it's time to listen to today's audio show titled, "Scene Modes." You can download the podcast here (29 minutes).

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If you want to see an amazing array of scene modes, download the manual for the Panasonic LX2 from the Panasonic web site. There is a "Food Mode". I don'know, maybe there is a demand for taking photos of your food in restaurants.

I too use the SD700 as my current point-and-shoot, but I've just got to get a hold of one of these Panasonic LX2s when the price drops a bit more. I really want to try out the Food Mode.

You know, I've been lusting after the LX2 myself (seriously), and the Food mode may just put me over the top...

Hay. What's going on here? I was just reading the Jan issue of Popular Photography and there is a food photography how-to article on page 31. The craze must be on. LX2 and Food mode here I come!

Also, Derrick, sounds like a ready made photo assignment for next month. :)