Duplicate Annihilator for Unwanted iPhotos


People often discover unexpected bounty in their iPhoto libraries: duplicate images. This double-the-joy scenario can happen accidentally in a variety of ways, but the prognosis is always the same -- extra pictures taking up additional hard disc space.

Duplicate Annihilator by Brattoo Propaganda Software will identify mirror images and remove them from your library. Duplicate Annihilator scans your entire library and takes one of two actions. Either you can automatically move the dups to the trash can, or you can have them identified by the comment "duplicate" for easy searching and subsequent action. Either way, this $7.95 shareware available from Brattoo Propaganda Software is an affordable way to slim down your iPhoto library.

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Only good for 500 photos unless you PAY for the product.. Hardly shareware!

Actually, I think that *is* shareware. You get to see how it works with your own stuff, and if you like it, you pay $7.95, which is hardly an outrageous price.

If the developer allowed you to scan your entire library for duplicates and remove them, there would hardly be motivation on your behalf to purchase the software.

iPhoto Diet does the same thing and is free. Get it here:


If it were freeware with a request for payment and I could clean up my entire iPhoto library, I would be motivated by gratitude and amazement that for only $7.95 I had a nasty annoying problem disappear. I might even be inclined to pay more.

I paid for the product and cannot get more than the trial of 500 which also I fail to find its duplicates by the search method. I think i need more extensive instruction and confirmation that I bough the full applications.

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