iPhoto Slideshow Tips and Tricks


iPhoto's slideshow authoring tools have come a long way since the early days of the application. You can author very good presentations without ever leaving your digital shoebox... that is if you know a few tricks.

In a recent article I wrote for Macworld Magazine titled, Create stunning slide shows, I show many of the techniques that I've perfected over the years to create terrific presentations with my iPhoto images. If you're an iPhoto user, you might want to give it a read.

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Excellent and timely

Is there a way to create multiple slide shows and move them all to a DVD? I'm thinking I could create 1 4x3 version and 1 16x9 version of each slideshow so the end user can select the appropriate version for their TV.


I have read with interest your article and I have one question. Do you get sharp and nice pictures when you see the slide show made with iPhoto?
The results that I am getting are very poor, even when I watch them on my Mac. I used to work with Ulead on a pC and the results were far better. I am wondering if I could get a better quality without transition effects.

I will apreciate your comments

Regards from Barcelona, Spain

is there any way to include the comments section in the slide show. I want to add the names of people in the pictures and at times a small note about the situation depicted in the picture. These are old family photos that I am documenting for the family to view.