More Pool of Light: Found Treasure


The things you find in the depths of your inbox. In this case, discovering Landon Michaelson's unpublished entry for Pool of Light was like discovering a $20 bill. I just couldn't leave it behind. So I asked him to tell me a bit more about the image so I could publish it.

"The idea came on quickly," said Landon, "but execution took some thought. I surrounded him in black fabric to keep everything dark. I gave him the device and allowed him to just look at the screen. This is hand-held, as he does not sit perfectly still, ever. So had to pick settings that allowed me to pull it off."

"I originally tried to keep everything in focus, but soon found that to be less desirable. With all the other shots I had visualized and shot, this one met my creative goals better for each. I liked this shot enough to enter it for both. I was on assignment for two assignments. One for "sound" and the other "pool of light" for December. While not technically the best photo ever taken, but I was more concerned with the mood. I entered this in time for the assignment, but something happened in the process. Gotta love technology when it works. No problem Derrick. ;-)"

Thanks Landon. By the way, he used a Nikon D200 with an 85mm lens, ISO 800, and manual exposure mode for this great shot.

The photo assignment for Jan. is "Glimmer." Please get your entries in by the end of the month, and I'll try not to lose them :)

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Can you share the other settings. Aperture, Shutter speed, White balance, etc.....
GREAT shot!!!

Landon set the shutter to 1/8 of a second and the aperture was f-2 in manual mode. And yes, I think it is a terrific shot.

Thanks for the post Derrick!

Great shot. Thank you for sharing this.

Interesting blog and photos. I like the blogs. Thank you.