"Software for 2007" - Digital Photography Podcast 64


Many of us have decisions to make about software in 2007. Are we going to continue with an existing Photoshop-based workflow and upgrade to CS3, make the switch to Lightroom, get serious with Aperture, or explore the new features in iPhoto? The tools available for photo management are better than ever. And the real trick now is finding the right match for you.

In this podcast, I take a look at the four leading contenders for your digital shoebox dollars, touch on their possible release dates, and help you figure out what's the best application for your images.

Jan. Photo Assignment

I also mention the January 2007 photo assignment, "Glimmer." You can use this theme literally -- shine faintly with a wavering of light... such as glimmer off water. Or you can go figuratively such as a glimmer of hope. There's lots to work with here. Deadline for submission is Jan. 31. You can read the details on our Submissions page.

Listen to the Podcast

Now that I've piqued your curiosity, it's time to listen to today's audio show titled, "Software for 2007." You can download the podcast here (29 minutes).

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Enjoyed the show. I do have an aperture question. You suggest using 1.5 until lightroom comes out and decidingthen which is better, at this point my aperture 1.5 looks like it runs out of trail mode in 21 days. Am I missing something or are they going to let me go back to lightroom? and did I hear correctly you expect lightroom to be Mac and Window versions. Any ideas?

Hi Jim, Right now, you can use the beta version of Lightroom to get a feel for that app. But I don't know what Adobe will offer once the final version ships. Apple has a full working demo, but it is only good for 30 days. So you'll have to take notes while you can, because at some point you'll have to make a decision and buy. They are both great apps.