Color Management Tips with Aperture


One of the holy grails of digital photography is maintaining consistent color management all the way through the workflow. We want our prints to look as close as possible to what we see on the computer monitor.

Recently, I sat down for a chat with Joe Schorr, Senior Product Manager for Aperture, to get to the bottom of color management workflow. Joe shared some great tips for maintaining the consistency that we all strive for, and I thought you might want to listen in on this 18-minute podcast interview. Even if you're not an Aperture user, there's lots of good information in this conversation.

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I thought that the interview was very insightful and the using of soft proofing has been very helpful in my work flow, but at times I forget. Its to bad that a large soft proof dose not come up as part of the printing process. I do hope that the Aperture team is putting a lot more work in the to print option in Aperture. It is one of the programs weakest links. I also hope that they put a lot work in to who they contract with for the production of the Books. The quality is not what we expect form Apple. This speaking of outputting work should be one place Aperture could shine with it color profile integration along with some quality control on it suppliers.

I have listened to the podcast over and over. Somewhere along the lines my onscreen proofing with my HP8750 has wigged out. I can get a decent print if the printer controls the process, but I lost the function for Aperture to control the printing. The preview shifts to a major yellow tone on all images. A call in to HP did not resolve anything because I can get a print from the HP software just fine. I suspect the recent OS update may have caused problems.