Lighting a Large Interior - Strobist On Assignment


One of my favorite lighting guys, Strobist, has just finished an assignment where he had to light a large interior. One of the things he mentions in the article is a tip that I want to pass along here. You can often brighten your flash-illuminated shots by taking your exposure off program mode and setting it to a slower speed, such as 1/30, 1/15, or 1/8 of a second.

Photo credit: Strobist.


By using a slower shutter speed he is actually making more use of the available ambient light. The shutter speed will not effect those parts of the picture lit by flash. He could have just stuck to using ambient and a slow shutter speed. But David (Strobist) has used the strobes to lift some shadow areas and focus attention on specific elements in the picture.

Absolutely, Patrick. And by combining light that you can add with the flash with ambient lighting you can access through camera controls, you can often create the effect you're looking for. Even though the technique is simple, it is very powerful.

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