DIY Flash Diffuser with Paper and Rubber Band


I saw tons of cool equipment at Wednesday's PMA Sneak Peek event, but my favorite was a sheet of letter-size paper folded and attached to a flash with a rubber band to create a very effective diffuser.

I noticed that Steve Makris, a technology writer for the Edmonton Journal, using the device pictured above. I thought is was so simple, yet elegant and quite useful. If you look closely, he's actually using a PMA memo.

And the best thing about it... "I get a fresh one every day," says Steve.

All the more reason to make sure you have a handful of rubber bands in your camera bag.

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Had a great idea for DIY diffuser, get a white dust mask...fold to fit over your flash (hot shoe type) any brand of flash, comes with its own rubber band for holding it in like a charm

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