Lessons Learned the Hard Way: Prince Charles in Low Rez


Aspiring photographer Brian Larrabee learned that Prince Charles and Camilla were to visit Philadelphia last January. Using his mom's Canon point and shoot, he was able to record a series of great images of the royal couple, including the shot I've featured here. Brian and his mom were so pleased with the images, they thought that someone might be interested in publishing them.

They shared a sample gallery with a prospect and were asked to send a high resolution version. The only problem was, there were no high rez photos. The camera had been set to its lowest resolution in order to save memory on its card. Brian's priceless images were only 480 x 360.

I asked if I could share this story because it's a good reminder to always shoot at your camera's highest resolution, and help others do the same. You never know when you're going to take that next great shot, and if you capture it, you want it as big as possible. Flash cards have become quite affordable, and if you find yourself running out of space, don't reduce the resolution, buy more memory.

And congratulations to Brian for getting such great shots -- no matter the size, they are memorable photos.

I'm working on my next Things I Learned the Hard Way podcast, if you have a good story to share, please send it along. Contact information is on our Submissions page.

Photo by Brian Larrabee.

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s/he should put those images to commons.wikimedia.org or wikipedia... it would be nice for the wikipedia & community and it would get him some promoting...