Photo Assignment: More Winners from "Texture"

The nooks and crannies of The Digital Story mailbox has yielded more outstanding photos from last month's Photo Assignment: "Texture". These images are too good to languish in a stuffy old inbox, so I'm running a follow up here so you too can enjoy them.

And don't forget that this month's assignment is "Self Portrait." That's right, we're asking you to get in front of the camera and share your personalty with other members in the Digital Story virtual camera club. I guess you could call this a virtual ice breaker! If you've never entered a photo assignment before, just check the Submissions page. The deadline for "Self Portrait" is March 31.

But now, let's enjoy a few more "Texture" submissions from our members. Thanks all for contributing, and for your patience :)

More Texture

Jason Francis

Paul Leasure

Stuart Glenn

Bryan Pearson

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Good site, admin.

Good site, admin.

Good site, admin.

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God bless you and yours! We are all lambs in his eyes and are shepherds to one another. Let's keep living and loving the way He wanted for us.