Don't Forget the Detail Shots


When you're out shooting architecture and other objects in the wild, don't forget to capture the detail shots too. For example, this is a handsome church in Northern California. I like the overview image that gives me the sense of how it must of felt to enter this structure every Sunday in days gone by.

But there are many individual elements of interest also. For example, the hooks that hold the doors open while people flow in are beautifully designed and appealing in their own right. The texture of the wood worn away from years of rubbing against the metal is also interesting. I find the details just as fascinating as the overall structure.


Make a mental note to capture as many of the details as possible when out shooting. Sometimes it's the small things that become the big shot of the day.

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Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Story.

Great post. A good reminder for all of us. Thank you.