"Self Portrait" - Results from Photo Assignment 13


The March Photo Assignment was "Self Portrait," and we have quite the diverse gallery -- 33 images submitted by The Digital Story members demonstrate the creativity and craftsmanship of our virtual camera club shooters. These are photographers who you just want to get to know.

To produce the gallery, the pictures were first loaded into Aperture. I then added the accompanying stories to the IPTC caption field and combined it with the EXIF data from the photograph. The final step was to create a web gallery in Aperture and upload it to the Digial Story server. You can view this month's photo assignment here.

The April assignment is "Window to the Soul." Start working on your contribution now. Details can be found on the Submissions page. Because of our new gallery format, you can now submit photo assignment pictures up to 600 pixels wide for horzontal shots, 400 pixels wide for verticals. Please follow the instructions carefully for labeling the subject line of the email for your submission. It's easy to lose these in the pile of mail if not labeled correctly. For example, the subject line for this month's assignment should have been: "Photo Assignment: March 2007." Also, if you can, please don't strip out the metadata. I use that for the caption data.

Good luck with your April assignment, and congratulations to all of the fine contributors for March. It's a compelling collection of images.

Photo by David Bream

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I hope this is not the wrong place on "The Digital Story" to post this question, but I couldn't find another spot (bleary-eyed as I am at 3 AM!)

I'd like to buy a dedicated flash for my Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ50, something more powerful than the built-in flip-up, and suitable for automatic fill-flash balance, but not as expensive as Panasonic's own.

I have been reading posts from FZ50 users who seem to be pleased with the Vivitar 285HV, Sunpak 383 and Metz Mecablitz 54 MZ-4i Flash.

Do you or any of my fellow virtual camera club members have a recommendation?

Is it possible to do a digital self-portrait with some kind of way to view yourself on your computer screen so as not to push the button till everything looks right, like you can do with as webcam? Or do you just have to push the button, run over to the chair, and pray you don't have to keep trying over and over?