What to do About Sensor Dust?


Digital SLR shooters have several advantages over their comrades who use point and shoot compacts. But the cross that every DSLR photographer must bear is sensor dust. Unless you never change your lens, at some point you will have to deal with this problem.

Ben Long has gathered some helpful information over at Complete Digital Photography. He points to an excellent feature he wrote over at Creative Pro, plus offer lots of other goodies too such as video on cleaning techniques.

Ron Galbraith also touches on some of the new devices available to help identify and battle dust in his post about the Sensor Loupe.

There's plenty of good information in these articles. And if you haven't been thinking about sensor dust at all, you might want to investigate a little. It could save you lots of post production work up the road.

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This was a very interesting post. I especially enjoyed the study from pixinfo.com that Ben Long referenced. It appears that none of the current sensor dust-busting technologies are great. I worked hard today with a rocket blower but was unable to clean several of the spots from my 30D sensor. Do you have any other blower-related tips or do I need to try one of the direct sensor cleaning methods?
Thank you,