Are you upgrading to Photoshop CS3, and if so when?


In this week's podcast, I discuss the new version of the Bridge (2.0) and Adobe Camera Raw (4.0). Both come bundled with Photoshop CS3. My question is: Are you upgrading to CS3, and if so when?

Some compelling reasons for me personally are that CS3 is Universal Binary, so it runs faster on my Intel Mac. I also like many of the new tools such as the B&W conversion function, the rewritten Brightness/Contrast control, and of course, ACR 4.

The standard upgrade price in the US is $199. That's a substantial investment. Are the new tools good enough to entice you to shell out nearly $200? If you're a member of our Flickr Public Group, you can add your opinion here, or you can state your case in the Comments area of this post.

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Nope, I'm sticking with the GIMP :)

I purchased PSCS3 last week. So far, it is running very well on my 1.25 GHz PowerPC eMac with OS 10.4.9. I am presently photographing the pictures in my 1957 high school yearbook in preparation for our 50th reunion. I then print each picture so we may display them individually. PSCS3 has saved me time on this project. I recommend it.


I have Lightroom and I am using Windows. As a photographer (only) I do not see the need for Bridge, CR, and other Ps improvements.

I am now considering it based on the recent podcast largely for the new Bridge. I use Capture NX for my RAW processing and would update to CS3 if the new Bridge will open the files in non-Adobe programs such as Capture NX. Can you tell me if this will work?

I upgraded the day (or day after?) it came out. I skipped CS2, so coming from CS it was like a two for the price of one deal.

Per Michael's comment... Bridge is a good file browser, and it opens lots of stuff. Since Capture NX is best for processing, but not so much for organizing, I could see a Bridge/Capture NX workflow.

The new Camera Raw can also open and edit Jpegs and Tiffs, so you have a few more options there too. It might be worth playing with before you buy.