Grab Shot 105 - "Winter in Virginia"


"I captured this shot a few months ago while taking my wife to work," said Lee Love. "I noticed it was very foggy, so I ran home, grabbed my camera, and went to the end of the street to capture this image."

We'll have to coax the image data out of Lee since it was stripped out of the shot, but you gotta admit, this is a handsome landscape image.

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Derrick here are some image details that you asked about.

This was shot with a D2x and the lens was a Nikkor 17-55 f2.8 shot zoomed out to 44mm. The shutter speed was 1/640 of sec handheld.

All post processing was in Aperture and consisted of cropping and adjustment of the saturation and contrast.

Great! Thanks Lee. It's fun to know some of the elements (in addition to your skill as a photographer) that went into the making of this image.