Polarizer as a Neutral Density Filter


In this week's podcast, I talk about the value of a polarizing filter for reducing reflection and deepening colors, especially in the sky. But the "world's handiest lens accessory" can also double as a neutral density filter.

Most circular polarizers have two f/stops of density. That means if the normal exposure is 1/15 at f/8, the with the polarizer attached, it will be 1/15 at f/4. Sometimes this works against you putting your shot in the clutches of camera shake. But there's one instance when a polarizer is invaluable -- when you want a long exposure, such as capturing water scenes.

This shot of Burney Falls in Northern California was recorded with a 4-second exposure. Because the lighting was good that day, I had a hard time getting an exposure long enough to produce the effect I wanted. By putting a polarizer over the lens, I was able to reduce the shutter speed and get that dreamy look I was hoping for.

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Nice pics. But i miss the information where to get those filters from?


@Lars ... polarizing and neutral density filters are bought from camera shops or from the internet - like amazon.com