iPhone: Necessary Tool? Nah, I Just Want One


Even though I'm buying an iPhone this year instead of a computer (let's face it, at $600 it costs just as much as a Dell), I'm not going to use it as a business expense. "Why?" you may ask. Because the honest truth is that I'm getting one because I want it, and every other reason is secondary.

That being said, I will post any photo-related tricks I figure out and toss a few pictures on our Flickr Public Group page.

iPhones go on sale at 6pm Friday, June 29. I will get mine as soon as possible. My question to you is... "Are you getting an iPhone?" (I won't ask if it's a business expense or not.) Post your thoughts in the Comments section below or on our Flicker discussion forum.

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Derrick. - Love your tips on the ilife zone BTW

I am going to wait, but only because I am with VZW until 1.27.08.
I am please with that date since macworld is 1.15.08. There is no hint that something new related to the iphone will happen at macworld it just feels like nice karma.

What plan are you going to get?

Mine will be for business. I am in SALES so my phone is my only phone and I need something reliable. I am a mac user and the iphone will be awesome.

I am continuly amazed how others Apple has taken command/control of an industry that has been locking it customers down and not providing any real advancements.
They better watch out just like the record industry and itunes.

Thanks ! TG

Yep, I'm getting one, ASAP. I've let my Verizon expire (last October) and even borrowed a discarded Verizon phone when my husband's phone broke in half last month so that we wouldn't need a new contract. I've wanted an iPhone since I watched the Keynote. I don't have a laptop for email on the road. I mainly listen to podcasts which don't display well on my 3rd gen iPod, so this will be an improvement. I look forward to having a calendar that I can enter info into away from home. The visual voice mail is brilliant.

I'd get one if I could but us Canadians are forced to wait. Hopefully by the fall...

Looking at the features, I'm most interested in the widescreen video iPod and its use as an Internet device. I have a corporate blackberry that works great for email and phone.

Of the two, which model are you getting?

I'm going to jump in with both feet and buy the 8GB model. I want as much storage as I can get on this device, since I do like music and TV shows while on the go. But I have a feeling I'll still tote along my iPod video on long trips...

I'm going to try to get one this Friday. I just have to figure out what time I need to get in line at my local AT&T store. My iPod currently has around 15 gigs of stuff on it, so I would like to buy the 8 gig iPhone.

Unfortunately not. The main reason is the phone I carry has to be a smart phone capable of integration with my work place's Exchange server. On top of that add price and the mad rush. Maybe by the end of the year? I already feeling kind of left out.

Hey, Lightroom 1.1 is out and ready for download!!
- Chris