Toast is Fine, but Disco is more Fun


Even though Mac OS X does a perfectly fine job of burning optical discs, there are times when I want additional software to help me with important jobs. Such was the case recently when I was on the road with my MacBook Pro and wanting to copy a DVD.

On my older PowerBook, I have a copy of Toast. It does an admirable job of copying and creating DVDs and CDs. But the upgrade price is steep, too steep, and I hadn't added it to my Intel Mac yet.

I had heard about Disco, and for less than the upgrade to Toast, I could download Disco and have every feature I needed right now. It's a Universal Binary app that is fast, beautiful, clever, and works great. I like the simple user interface that makes it easy to tap the intelligent technology beneath the hood. Its core features include:

  • Use of all Apple supported external and internal CD/DVD burners.
  • CD multi session support.
  • Support for CD/DVD-ReWritable disc burning and erasing.
  • Create CD/DVDs based on the following file systems: Hybrid, HFS+, UDF, PC Joliet, ISO 9660.
  • Create Audio CDs from non iTunes protected Quicktime supported audio.
  • Easily switch between the creation of MP3 or Audio CDs when ever you want.
  • Drag and drop changable track order.
  • Create CDs based of VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders.
  • Easily create backups with use of Spanning.
  • Automatically divides any number of files across multiple discs when the files won't fit on one single disc.

Capable yes, but a big part of Disco's enjoyment is how fun it is to use. When you're burning a disc, smoke emanates from the UI. When I accidently put a bad disc in my Mac, Disco notified me that I had just created a coaster... little things to pass the time while taking care of business.


You can download Disco right now and burn up to 7 discs to see if you like it. My guess is that you will. Then you can buy it for $29.95 US. You'll save money now, and on the upgrades too.

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1 Comment

You hit on the joys of Disco exactly. Not only is it fast, easy, and efficient, but it makes you laugh (Coaster Created) when you'd normally be groaning (Recording failed: please insert another disc.)