John Shaw Equipment Tip: the L-Plate


A few of us at the Microsoft Pro Photo Summit had the opportunity to go shooting with John Shaw at the Washington Park Arboretum near Seattle, WA. During his talk in the field, John shared some of his favorite equipment tips. Among the best was the Really Right Stuff BH-55 ballhead with Arca-style quick release. John uses an L-Plate designed for his camera to enable him to shoot in the vertical position without having to dip the ballhead downward (as shown in the illustration). The L-Plate enables him to quickly mount his camera from the bottom or the side giving him maximum flexibility. It's very cool, and if the entire set-up wasn't so expensive (RRS ballhead + AS quick release + L-plate), I'd have one today.

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While RRS has been really taking off, Kirk also makes a fine ball head and L Bracket combo.